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What my king means to me?

This article was written in 2010 when I was in 12th grade, Baylling HSS, Trashi Yangtse. My only article that got published in Kuensel news paper in my school life. However, I did benign edition on some grammatical errors and on the flow of ideas
His Majesty the 5th Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck is the authentic emblem of altruism, benevolence, energetic, role model, visionary and exemplary leadership. The peace and harmony, prosperity  and steadiness in the kingdom are all fruition of His Majesty's sacrifices and hard work.
Specially, for the people of Bhutan, His Majesty's Birth Day celebration is one of paramount national event as this occasion allow us to re-confirm our faith and loyalty to his leadership, besides a nation's opportunity to come together and pledge unwavering loyalty and dedication to the Tsa-Wa- Sum, and to pray for long and prosperous life of our beloved king.  Further, this event marked the symbol of our collective future and the continuit…

Can you claim it as a legal?

Even though you are not breaking-ins to someone's house nor trespassing other's territory, but you are absolutely hacking into someone's classified profile. Would you do that if it was addressed to someone titled Dasho Tenzin or Aum Sangay, Would you dare to open their mail? I am afraid, you won't.  What interest you to read other's mail? why should you know about other? what are you looking for?Is that what you wanted to do in your life?  It won't make you knowledgable, you know what, you are a butcher. You dig-in what someone is up to and kills them airing their personal information. Which means you are also a thief, who steal cattle from the barn of indigent farmer. Theft is bigger crime, you know that, and you should be punished accordingly. 

When I was been delivered mail in such a condition, I was left flustered, I don't recall thanking him. I mean what will you think if you get your important mail being all opened and read and promulgated. Will you …

Abrupt indecisive rough road flight and the time of being animal

Tuesday 02/09/2014

Embarked at 10:50 am, the Regional express carrier carries about 30 passengers  aggregate. Today there were about 10 passengers on board. We were being greeted by smily captain and a hostess as we trudged in to this small compact compartment. We followed hostess through the aisle  as she lead us to right seat, then she start explaining the safety precaution tips with her usual Australian accent,, where I use to get only half of it,, but this time I got almost all.. well then I was glad and thought would be nice and adventurous trip. However, the day was little dummy. There was bit of showering and it was stormy and covered with thick cumulus. Jigme starts his day as normal with the saying" I don't wanna go" I have to scold him for this,,, I hear him saying everyday when we are about to leave somewhere,, I believe this would bring us the bad fortune.... I also checkout the zakar in the phone and found not a good day to travel.. anyway nobody in Australi…