Unfinished tale of the prince and princess

Hello here and shake there With big gentle smile on faces They found themselves in cozy vintage car Riding along the boulevard woodland trail Lost with the tweeting music Enjoying the adventurous sightseeing. They reached the old castle Glowing bright in the moonlight Neither of them could recognised For they were prince charming and the Cinderella Inhabited the same golden castle once.
Prince Charming could vaguely recalled The same trail rode to reach Cinderella But nothing let them recognise each other Without much word and chit exchanged They parked at the castle front yard Upon seeing the very imprint that read “I envy you and look for in whole world” Cinderella broke in to tear and whispered “I loved it here” to the prince charming Then ‘Thug’, there she goes flat and dead Guards gathered for her rescue She lay there in the same antique d├ęcor bed She could readily sense the aura around And finally realised she is right in her own room
Prince charming has no say He has got ever…

Legacy turns the past wheel

At the corner, it lays hanging; Along the print portrait of legends; Adding beauty to the very room. Aside inhibitors of the house; All the visitors go wow each time Amazed and moved by the painting.
Oh! The painting on the orange wooden plank; Gives good contrast with white washed wall; No wonder why everyone could see at instant.

The painting of lotus grown from deep blue Ocean; Rare flower from where Guru was born and blessed; The sacred flower everyone sows faith and seizes peace.
I recalled that I learned to paint from mate; The days when I was a little boy in grade four; He was a talented and fabulous painting tutor.
Have I strict with him for little more effort I would be more engross in spirituality There is no reason I couldn’t be happier
Beyond him I have no painting teacher Because of him I have something to gives Behind the wall I have something to hang Between breached souls I have present to console Beside her, I can now stand and chat.
Bosom friends and beholders sur…

Bjishong Central school from the eye of Volunteer Teacher

Applaudable Good Practices:

Remedial classes every TuesdayCollaborative group learning Pledges every daySpecial class for class xTraditional song in the morning assemblyWeek allotment for talks by staff on various topics and club reportAdoption programmeMost of the decisions being routed through SMB and SMTTeachers sit-in for professional development (PD) every SaturdayPrincipal giving motivational guidance to every individual teacher besides studentsFour teachers deployed for study dutiesGroup EvaluationFreely available sport resources on weekend - Kept students engage, busy and happy Some of the things, I feel, School need to reconsider: Heavy Work Load for teachers; if this is taken in to consideration, I think teachers could do formative assessment on time, plan better lesson plan, stress more on teaching, could rendered more guidance - academic performance may improve drasticallyStudents sleep in class hours even from morning period. They won't listen much and won't do home…

Goodbye and Thank You speech

Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing today?
well, i knew that i can't have a sound sleep tonight, if i don't come forward and stand the crowd, because when i was in class xii, i got the prestigious certificate for best student. During that time i wasn't bold enough to stand and deliver the thank giving speech. I still regret for this and i don't want to commit the same mistake again. That is why i am here, in this very podium. Thanks today's TOD for this opportunity.  I don't want to be very formal today, thus I will start with simple jock. please listen carefully. I want answer from the crowd. There were five un-usual frogs who stay and live up on the tree. One day, they have seen other animals on the ground. Three of them decided to climb down and explore the ground. How many are left on the tree?  There are still five frogs on the tree.
You see in our lives, we decide and plan on doing various things, but we never get opportunity and lend up accompli…

Reader are neither optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist.

I quote Stephen R.Covey " We and we alone can open the door to change within ourselves". I unquote.
As education is key that unlocks the door to life's bountiful riches. There is no penalty for the use of the key, but there is a price you must pay if you do not use it. the price is Failure.
insightfully, in every aspects of life, stimulating and thought-provoking achievement is from 'Reading' as messages conveyed and depicted in every book is fundamental and deep.
we now have a blueprint for opening the Bhutanese mind, revealing the truth about human nature which moved people beyond mere success, shaping inner thought and outward behavior resulting from reading. Reading is the source of medication treatment, contemplation, and meditation. One is a doctor, an engineer, architecture, and the scientist all owing to the benefits of reading. Reading is vital, value and achievement that bring powerful lesson s in personal change because one made a supreme power of cho…

Weather In Bjishong Inveterated Immoderate Behaviour

At the very crack of dawn, I reluctantly in half-sleep raised my heavy head and peeped through the squalid window curtain, anticipating charming Mr Sun would kiss my swarthy forehead. However, very often I will be running low with my luck. I will go "Damn Raining every day". The cozy bed from the back would drag and made me to curl up myself inside fussy pleasurable warm blanket and any minute I will be tuned to snoring. "Aren't you going to school" the intimidating voice of my brother would make me do away with slumbering away and have to dress up for the school hastily. 
Given the fact that the day is gloomy, sullen and blinded with misty cumulus of cloud and terrific thudding rain, we would be in sunken mood and would disinclined to even paramount schedule which indeed is tantamount to losing one's career. We become so reckless and don't even dare to take meal on time. You see, the weather determines the mood of individual and even forget importance…


Command the fancy Boat
Maneuver along safe shore
Sail sound and adventurously.
Perilous shows amidst swift-flow
Anchored at shallow shore.

Captain be alert every second;
And watch the steps;
Or Boat rows beyond his harbour.

                                                            Burst the car engine
                                                            Race along highway
                                                            Go gentle on tortuous.
If stuck with obstacles
                                                          Pull onto safer halt.
                                                          Driver be focus every minutes
                                                          And watch the step;
                                                          Or the car heads to other's garage.

Embark onto journey toward destiny
Sight see along the route
Take only road not taken.

If lost in the mid-way
Contemplate deeper into destiny
Mind be extra-vigilant…