why shouldn't i love you?

The very first day when i opened my eye to this world, I have seen only you. I did not say i love you nor shown you my glamorous smile while you kissed me for the first time, coz i was too naive and out of wit.

I do not remember that i had ever said "I like You" till date, though i was with you around for the last twenty years.  nevertheless, i wish i had and still wanted to express it. i keep full faith in you and will keep forever, forever until the sun stop peeping the Himalayas the next day.

The moment i rest my head on pillow i see charming silhouette on the ceiling  and the moment i awake from the cozy bed, i dreamt of only you, you have grown deep down in heart core. i will cherish and nurture it with sole care and love.

You have been my only source of inspiration, motivator and a best mom ever. you told me everything you knew, despite being illiterate and a simple peasant. you are my best hero. You made me what i wanted to be and what you wish and aspire for, i shall run the risk for only you. I shall by any means, keep you in sound health and happy as i was before. i won't let you down, nor i will let you suffer as you have suffered. Now i shall struggle for your own purpose.

when i was starving to the death, you was too optimistic. I have seen you working early dawn to till dust in the charring sun and even in the storm. I let you swam in that pool for me, coz i was just a parasite depending on you. You have sacrificed everything, every pleasure and comfort for my life. it shall be remembered throughout my life and there is no reason why i shouldn't work and live for your happy life. You are everything to me and i swear i shall serve you with full faith and love and with every possible strength that i have. 

I now can walk on my own feet majestically and proudly with the kissed scar on forehead that you have given me for the first time. i didn't get-rid of this scar coz it is the moment of joyous where i can remember you, your kindness, compassion and your care and love whenever i am behind the mirror. I am lucky man to be your son, thanks god that you have given me such a great mom.

Though you are illiterate and miles away, i hope these gentle breeze will serve the purpose, to whisper you that i am with you every single day. whenever you are in need of any help i am always behind you and i shall be with you eternally. i miss you mom, i like you, i love you and of all i am for you and i owe you every things in this world.


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