Attraction Force exist only between 2 opposite charges

When the gorgeous blossom roses withered away with the seasonal shift, laborious watering and weeding work would require no more. Labour and fertiliser cost could now be saved for procuring other necessities. The apartment has turned into uneventful and haunting place. The gardens were left to rot itself. The smiley faces of neighbours would not show up with camera anymore. They would missed the photo snapping session and they have no more present for their loved one during the birthday bash. Everybody started turning their back on me and I was found alone like a lonely chick in the crowd without mom. My day was much colder then. 
However, after few days later, it became conspicuous that fate wasn’t upset. It came in to play. The remnant root started sprouting out and the aroma of red rose pervaded the ambient air. I was indeed on the mountaintop once again, grinningly gazing down to my duly décor house. However, only for a shot while😋

Well this is how I got to uncover my crazy life with my admired. The days, where I have strive to climb upon top of mountain. The days where I tried to reframe and start the fresh living and the only days where this objective wasn't accomplish. Rather found setting the wheel of hell on motion for a while though. This was never easy. I had a tough time, which keeps me haunting till now and I don't know how I can forget this in the coming life. On the contrary, I had really enjoyed and this is the only memorial thing in my adolescent time, which can't be left untold. Then lets walk back to the year 2009 and 2010 where the true history was begun. During in which I was in  grade 11 and 12, when I was a real gentle man, when I was the boss of the bosses. 

Proudly, with the eighty point three overall percentage on hand, I joined Bayling Higher Secondary school, Trashi Yangtse where I found the door labelled "xi sci A" wide opened and warmly welcoming. The moment I reached the door, I felt someone pushing me from behind to enter just this class not section B or C. I noticed the room was filled with happiness and warmth. On the other hand, I also sensed the wild chilly feeling running through my spinal cord. Once inside, I didn't even desire to go for the recess outside. I felt a acute pinch in heart whenever I was out of the class even for a while. I did not realise what is going on in. From next day on wards, I was bedridden for quite a while. I was only  yearning for something, something which I have never look for and something totally anonymous. It was never understood nor was comprehensible. It was that complex and labyrinthine to unfold the real fact behind. It was so latent. 

However, by trying to catch the fish in the ocean, the precious time has all leaped and been mountains away. The mid-term exam was already done by the time I came to sense. The classes were all closed and school was like abandon ramshackle house, every one were gone on holidays except few of us. Those came from far flung places were left behind. The  surrounding atmosphere was so silent. There was no calling or ringing of the school bell for meals or studies either. It was very calm and cold where I could even tune myself with the beautiful chirping and twittering of the birds nearby. I felt too lonely and felt sick of missing some valuable thing of mine. Whatever, it was, I never knew it was the true love that I was missing. I had lost appetite and my charm in staying in that empty school. I was in the limbo. One evening, I happened to eavesdropped my bunkmates chatting. I heard my friend Sonam Dorji saying that I am suffering from the love sick. Then abruptly I awoke from deadlock and acted intrepidly ever. I rummaged for her number in my drawer and dialled her yet with big jittering. She answered my phone after long beep. My confession came so natural and smoothly. I told her everything I wanted to say, though very trepidatious, in every possible way to convince her that I have a true feeling for her. But her response was some sort of joke and she never took me seriously. But I still longed for her hoping one day she would come to me. I was determined, I wrote her three wooing letters and composed several poems regarding her. Indeed I had became the poet and as well a mad prankster. 

I recalled that one time during the evening study, I have confessed in the crowd that I genuinely love her and I even asked the class for any other beholders. For a surprise there were five of my mates who raised their hands and it was so nettlesome. I had to leave the class and go sobbed myself to sleep. Next day, my friends told me that, that evening they have done the lucky draw for six of us and I was one of the lucky prince. The news made my day and only to shuttered when class 'xii sci B' summoned all of 'xi sci A' to their class during the evening study for making noise the previous day. We were been ragged. I felt very filthy and pity as well and had to beg my class for my recklessness. One more incidence I vividly remember is that I used to send flying kiss to her while she comes out for the meal from the dormitory. I am still laughing at this insanity. 

Many months and years gone by and to my surprise it was like nothing ever happen to her. Neither she wants to know about me nor she would spend time with me. It was rather hindering my studies and a big hurdle to my life. It was just one-sided, only one charge available. I have to recall the fact about what Buddha said, "Do not believe anything on mere hearsay. Do not accept anything on account of rumours. Do not accept anything because it agrees with your preconceived notion". I should have never trusted my feeling before I could understand her. I should have let feeling do the work only afterward. Now we are just the stranger. We don't bother even to greet each other while we come across in town. Such was my love, one sided and premature love. Now to these days, I feared alot to utter the very word "I love you" to someone.  I realised it require two opposite charges to produce attraction force and I am yet to research on how to bring the two opposite charges together. Keep your eyes and ears open! LOL - Lots of Love


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