Me and the discovery of myself - "CALLED FOR TRUCE WITHIN ME " will keep on with the pace of life

Definition of me:
literally defined as a student who does bachelor of science, majoring in physics at the university of new england, Australia, Mongolian origination.
Ironically, defined as a shitty and useless crap ever existed in this world. such a punk ever to live in the world..

Sangay mean stone in Iraq
but there is a hope that one day,,,,punk might become world's worthy person. thats a big dream.....indeed, lets see.................

look at the figure, he looks like a hero without actress, such a shame mate,,, blockheaded man...can't believe him...

lesson 1, flush and blush experiences leaves perpetual imprint on the plate of brain.

discovery 1, at alludulla- i found that i have no strong emo and such a person who can easily moved by flatter.. remember that, housefly was fallen in to spider's arm, coz of the flattering words....

discovery 2. i was fond of pride, this have to get rid immediately, it is too dangerous... coz of this i  almost lost the life of 5 people and lost AUD 2000 and . i would have been a sinful and wrathful animal swimming in the disastrous pool....this one, i really can't imagine, what i was doing,,no ideas,,,,

Reminder 1always and frequent needing- thinking prior to acting...plez keep this in mind...

Reminder 2:  speak meaningful and open mouth only in the field and at the time of need, stop mocking and bickering and exasperating others and ultimately leading to quarreling.


 why i don't learn much from experience????????, rather keep committing same mistakes time and  again....
one time, i remember updating status in facebook, "i commit blunder to write the memo" this is truth... i don't realize i am learning from past experience,,, how do i learn is the great question needing great answer

wish to have a tremendous alteration in my life,,,just waiting for that day.....still figuring out in mind,,, when and which day, at what time........will that could be..


what sort of changes??????????????????????  the path that need to take and that don't have to trod on.

discovery 3: i am moody,,,,, sometime, i become too silent and this create bad impression and wrong atmosphere, and this makes uncomfortable for other to deal with me....i feel that way,,, i will ask to Jigme once... when this atmosphere returns...

discovery 4; becomes helpful to others,,, especially towards the opposite sex...i got to remember about the equanimity, impartiality and fairness...

Good-side 1: i like helping other as much as i can.....

EVERY COIN HAS GOT TWO SIDES AND BOTH SIDES ARE equally paramount and not at all segregable. but my coin of life has no other side, i don't have the white side, the dark side is full, i need to look only for the white side. the white face of the coin is totally empty.... i got to inscribe on it......the beautiful bronzed face of my life. when that should kick off??
Ans: when i could answer all the queries that were mentioned above,,

every time i speak to the crowd, i fear that i might say harsh for i have genetically inherited from my dad. i remember my mom scolding dad about speaking harsh to other people


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