who am I? The greatest question ever!

Still on the fence, gazing upon the blue sky and shouting hell out of me, doesn't really would help, neither sitting on the bed and contemplating life doesn't in fact provide the absolute answer to my quest. This really sucks and my life is half gone without really understanding who really am. When someone asked me who I was, I usually say I am Sangay Tenzin, but this is not what I meant to tell them, I would like to tell them much bigger. Sangay Tenzin is just the identification that is given to me, so that people don't get mix up with someone for me. So that great people like me can be remembered universally for squandering the precious human life, ***k

However, I am rich in positive thought and perception. Sometime, I fell I am the helping hand of all those sentient being swimming in disastrous pool, but this hand seems like been buried underneath of worldly pleasure and is grabbing on to it. Clinging on to the temporary happiness and forgetting who really are and what the hell I am doing, which I should not of course, but magnetism has developed ever since the time space singularity formation of my birth. Somebody help me to demagnetise, I am begging. I know everyone of us has got buddha nature within which we have to discover. Because we are scared when life spirals further to the end and kickoff reforming singularity of my time and space the second time. Some scientist has predicted that the universe would fate away with big crunch or by indefinite expansion but my space would fate like the beginning. The universe began with 4.7 billion ago with Big Bang, while my space begun about 9855 Earth days ago and is wrapping up by speeding at the speed of light toward 'The Red Door'.

Considering the mirror's point of view, I comprehended fully who indeed I am, a Skinny, weak, evil minded, dirty fugly face where only mom can adore. I can be even describe as hungry ghost in the human form.
However, concerning the inwardness gut, I am nobody, I can't apprehend who really I am, please God help me to understand who am I. I can't find room in this world without the meaning. This world is full of meaning and I fell ostracised and neglected from the meaningful world. It is making me like a stranger lost his way in the empty world.  I know you wouldn't bring me in this world without reason and purposes. Let me accomplish my purpose and let me leave at your dream, God.

By now I loathe keeping this quest "Who am I?". This question got me struck at the maze of my journey through the life. I don't know which road I should take; either the road not taken or the bumpy normal country road where everyone trudge on. If I take the new road, I am scared that I might get lost on the way and can't reach the end or if I choose the country road, I wouldn't get the country girl, she would be already married. Whatever the best is to decide only after I know who really I am. But how would I know, who I am? Do I have to approach fortune teller or dig myself down the spinal in to my tummy? 


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