i do not want to go back to bed

Back ground
for i was stuck on that place for that long, i feel no zeal to look back and say hello. that confined place made me sick and very tired. i couldn't see anything besides four wall. one day after a week i happened to get little alright and fortunately there was little shower outside which dragged me out of the bed. i went out and leaned against the wall at the yard. i had little day dream and my friend Jigme brought me back. in this free verse 'he' refers to Jigme and 'we' referring to my mom and dad.

watching drops of rains,
as they raced through the sky.
leaning against the wall,
clearing the sore throat.
you don't caught up with cold
you get refreshed.
after days and nights on that
being there makes you in heaven
as the shower pours down
minute by minute more
birds passionately was on fence
they might be cold, 
wish i could help them
they glanced right at my eye
come on lets get in to hurt
"go ahead son" we complete it
they continued digging
"same weather tomo, boring"
he came by and went back
as i was still silent 
with the head in the cloud
but something chilled called me back 
my pant was wet 
right leg was gone numb, 
I went in and grabbed the stool
be seated on it and watched the rain
i didn't want to go in 
in to the bed, i had enough pain


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