i wanted to tell you

other night i was chatting you
but today you seems grisly beer
what is up with you? darling
did i hurt you, sorry if so
can i chat with you today?
i wanted to tell you something
you might have realized that
or somebody could have told you
yet if you don't mind
i will keep telling
you are little strange
sometime you act crazy
sometime you sees me as nobody
which make it so hard
to tell you that we are meant to be
i can no more say i m in love
you and me are of different nature
you like to change every single day
while i like to see as the same love
from now on we are never met before
we don't know each other
you move on with yours
i will go ahead with my own
that is all i wanted to tell you
hope this won't make you more grisly beer


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