Help mother beings

Hereby let me remind everybody, i mean all the human being to help the witless sentient beings to get out of the wheel of the samsara. i know no body can let your mom to swim in the disastrous pool, no one can dare to sight when your life guardian,mom,is being struck at neck with the tyrant butcher's sword. so then why can't we help the mother beings, every sentient beings have been our mother in the past life and everyone of them is equally worthy.
i am sure most of us can’t lend our helping hands to aid them physically but we can help them mentally, at least by praying and chanting mantra "OM MANI PEDME HUNG". why to waste our energy just bickering unnecessarily, lets use it for helping our mothers.
 if we could do all these things we are benefiting ourself and of course to the one you dedicate. so whenever you are out of mood, directly speaking bored then start tuning with the mantra. it really is good way to spend our life rather then wondering and shouting in the market with tobacco or bottle of bear.


Samten Thinley said…
Good Write up with best of religious advice... keep blogging brotha...
Sangay Tenzing said…
thanks for encouraging and teaching me for the blogging.....i

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