how can chirping be musical in dense jungle?

Sometime it is more than weird to see the world going insane and burning everything that dwells upon. By this I meant to say that some people are so selfish and cunningly punks. They never appreciate for who they are and they don't realize what they are doing, doing of which they could also trap in the pool of suffering. They simply look at what other people are doing and always tries to make ditches and hedges along the way. They are gifted with big enough eyes, they can burn and ruin other with such eyes. They tend to see what other does even if they are miles away. These eyes get sore seeing other growing in front of them. If somebody climbs the ladder, they keep bombs and traps forcing them to fall apart under their sluggard feet. When we wake up early and be first in the line, they pull us back and put us in the long queue. When such nonsense occur the world seems to be so mean and dark and sadness flooded. The world is no more a safe place for a good human. Genuine human can no longer find room in such societal world. He can now never climb on top of world and sing the happy song. That is why, how can a chirping be musical in such a dense forest, there are lot of other brutal birds, good birds are lost forever and became extinct in such way and you can never find them, ever in whole world. 
Now the choice is let good birds go extinct or eradicate the deluded  mischievous mind and make the world safe for everyone. The mystery to solve and complete the jigsaw puzzle


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