Sow by day, reap the harvest at night.

Early Easterly wind howls and boldly knock the window, expecting she could be here, desirously raise the head out of bed and pepped out of tinctured window. The ground was whitely frozen and few leaves were dangling in the air at front yard. Few cars were being parked at the street. Timidly whispered, 'hello anybody at the door?' there wasn't any answer. she won't hear me, "anybody at the door?" shouted the second time, still no answer. Then lowered and rest head back on to cozy pillow, curled, squeezed and ducked inside the warm soft furry blankets.
After few minutes or so, there was another knock on the door. This time, I knew it was real and so went right to the door at the very first knock and so there she stands with the big smile, wearing her favorite pinky skirt with black legging, hot, sexy looking and indeed very beautiful blonde at twenties. "Morning Jess", then she says 'Hi' and kisses my chin and handed over beautifully packed box. kissing was their normal routine thing that they does with their loved one to mean the affectionate love and care. It was first kiss from her and really convincing that I am her's and she is only with me. I have always wanted to be and talk with her from the very beginning, the day I saw her at the work. every time I sights her,  I used to look straight in to her eyes and get lost in the cloud, she used to stare back as well, which is good as she hangout with me. I mean in my day dream.   But in reality, we have never share the feeling nor we got this great time to do that. So today was impeccable timing and I would use the oppertunity wisely. I grab her by the shoulder and ushered to my room. we had the morning tea and then we set out for the chat. " Jess! I am kinda wondering if it is possible to know you more, I am sort of more in to you", I said. "Ok, that is absolutely alright" says Jess. " Cool, where should we start then, lets kickoff with formal introduction, I am sangay, from Bhutan. I am free single bird ready to perch on to beautiful flower in front of me, if this flower is not being buzzed around by the bee", she replied, "I am Jessica, 19 from Coffs, Australia, never had a boy friend before and this flower is ready to offer the nectar to one I loved, are you proposing? she says. I continued, "I have been in Australia for three years and never fallen for Aussie girl like you, I couldn't help it, I keep thinking about you every single second and I can't have my day without seeing you, I desperately like you, do you requite my love?" I keep going, "Have you ever been approached by fucking Asian?, what would your parent think about it? what is your religion and so on and on I went.."  she was jiggling and she was very glad that we met and she was also surprise to hear that I will take her with me to Bhutan. I was also very elated with the reassuring responses and smile she gave me back. Then I gave her the very best kisses ever and so we made our first love and it was also our first night together. Early next morning, as usual it was cold and bit windy so I reached out my arm for her to sleep close with me and say I love you to her, but she was already up and out, she was gone then, it was 9:45 am Sunday. Was she really here? did we really did all these things? i wondered, rubbed out my chinky eyes, lookout for the present she gave last night and the used tea cups. Nothing was there and the fact is she wasn't here at all, the knock at the door was the  Easterly wind and everything was in a dream. However, I was excited and happy and it made my day, I was found smiling for whole day whatsoever. Indeed I knew I was deep in love with her, Jessica Burton, I met her at work next day on Monday, but I was too scared and coward to share these dream with her. However, I manage to get her cell number a week later and then I proposed her in the call, her response was certainly positive and she told me she had noticed and sensed my love for her a week ago. But we were never meant to be, the time wasn't compassionate for us. By then I got problem with the visa and so I have to leave behind everyone dear to me. I was full and chock with tears and i couldn't even say bye bye to those they came to see off at Armidale Airport.'Good bye Australia' Does it matter if I say now? I could still sow by day and reap the very harvest at night. 


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