Command the fancy Boat
Maneuver along safe shore
Sail sound and adventurously.
Perilous shows amidst swift-flow
Anchored at shallow shore.

Captain be alert every second;
And watch the steps;
Or Boat rows beyond his harbour.


                                                            Burst the car engine
                                                            Race along highway
                                                            Go gentle on tortuous.
                                                          If stuck with obstacles
                                                          Pull onto safer halt.
                                                          Driver be focus every minutes
                                                          And watch the step;
                                                          Or the car heads to other's garage.

Embark onto journey toward destiny
Sight see along the route
Take only road not taken.

If lost in the mid-way
Contemplate deeper into destiny
Mind be extra-vigilant every time
And watch the steps;
Or action and speech runs ahead of mind.


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