Weather In Bjishong Inveterated Immoderate Behaviour

At the very crack of dawn, I reluctantly in half-sleep raised my heavy head and peeped through the squalid window curtain, anticipating charming Mr Sun would kiss my swarthy forehead. However, very often I will be running low with my luck. I will go "Damn Raining every day". The cozy bed from the back would drag and made me to curl up myself inside fussy pleasurable warm blanket and any minute I will be tuned to snoring. "Aren't you going to school" the intimidating voice of my brother would make me do away with slumbering away and have to dress up for the school hastily. 

Given the fact that the day is gloomy, sullen and blinded with misty cumulus of cloud and terrific thudding rain, we would be in sunken mood and would disinclined to even paramount schedule which indeed is tantamount to losing one's career. We become so reckless and don't even dare to take meal on time. You see, the weather determines the mood of individual and even forget importance of our job and life. We only beseech a chance to hop into bed and forget everything with sweet dream.

However, if you are up for palatable mushroom and you are inherently a mettlesome man, you are welcome to venture through nearby lush forest without bothering for the nettlesome hundreds of tiny flies spiralling up all over the body. The boneless leeches doing stretch-up on the leaves and grizzly bear greeting from the tree would entertain you and make your day. But how many of us can have sound sleep throughout the day? or have mushroom curry in every meal? We Bhutanese say "Everything in excess is also poison" and yet we take everything for granted. 

If we repeat the mistake more than twice is the fool as per Albert Einstein and only the habituated person will commit the same mistake time and again. Whether considerable or benign thing, it is never wise to take it for granted. It would urge us to do more in the future  and when you come to realization, you would be way far from our reach and will be already accustomed to and would have become part of our life. That is where we remorse agonisingly and it is where it required a way lot vigorous vim to scrap off from our body and could even take a life time to discard the easy earn immoderate habit from our life. You will realise the regret has no solution indeed.

Then final catch to those like me and to myself (:p)  we should never treat anything as less accountable or negligible. To our eyes it seems minor superficially but it isn't analytically. It was always true that a drop of water would make mighty ocean and not to adjudicate book by its cover. Don't get frustrate with the mountains while you hit the stone with your toe accidently and don't cross the river while raining. Just be cool, take it easy and let the sun play its part and then grab your chance. Even wound can be cured in time and everything is impermanence. We will get to stage our own drama sooner or later inevitably.


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