Bjishong Central school from the eye of Volunteer Teacher

Applaudable Good Practices:

  • Remedial classes every Tuesday
  • Collaborative group learning
  •  Pledges every day
  • Special class for class x
  • Traditional song in the morning assembly
  • Week allotment for talks by staff on various topics and club report
  • Adoption programme
  • Most of the decisions being routed through SMB and SMT
  • Teachers sit-in for professional development (PD) every Saturday
  • Principal giving motivational guidance to every individual teacher besides students
  • Four teachers deployed for study duties
  • Group Evaluation
  • Freely available sport resources on weekend - Kept students engage, busy and happy
Some of the things, I feel, School need to reconsider:
  • Heavy Work Load for teachers; if this is taken in to consideration, I think teachers could do formative assessment on time, plan better lesson plan, stress more on teaching, could rendered more guidance - academic performance may improve drastically
  • Students sleep in class hours even from morning period. They won't listen much and won't do home work. Out of wonder, I happen to discussed with other regular teachers, they would say "Students here in this school are just like this". I felt like past teachers have not don't their part. This trend need to amend. 
  • Students not taking evening and morning prayers seriously. Most of them try to bunk or come late for morning assembly. Even if they attend the prayer, after some time, they would go to toilet. 
  • Majority of students are repeatedly falling sick of unknown diseases. If the rumours is true, school should do more than just the annual school Rimdo. 
  • It seems Principal is out of station most of the time, I feel like school head should be in the office so that school runs successfully every single day
  • School curriculum outdated, required to update accordingly with the current situation, so that -(1) Teacher won't have to worry for the syllabus coverage, (2) the skill mismatch of supply and demand in the labour force won't be a problem later
  • Non- teaching staff or Dzongkha teacher teaching maths (Just an example), I feel that students are not getting adequate subject knowledge resulting the accusation of students for lacking the basic foundation in the next higher level class by subject teacher.


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