Goodbye and Thank You speech

Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing today?
well, i knew that i can't have a sound sleep tonight, if i don't come forward and stand the crowd, because when i was in class xii, i got the prestigious certificate for best student. During that time i wasn't bold enough to stand and deliver the thank giving speech. I still regret for this and i don't want to commit the same mistake again. That is why i am here, in this very podium. Thanks today's TOD for this opportunity. 
I don't want to be very formal today, thus I will start with simple jock. please listen carefully. I want answer from the crowd. There were five un-usual frogs who stay and live up on the tree. One day, they have seen other animals on the ground. Three of them decided to climb down and explore the ground. How many are left on the tree? 
There are still five frogs on the tree.

You see in our lives, we decide and plan on doing various things, but we never get opportunity and lend up accomplishing nothing.
However, in my case, this was not all, I had a great privilege to serve my nation, to repay, may be a quarter of my debt to government before it is too late.  I also had opportunity to shake off this agonising intense sentiment that i have extravagantly regarded my lives upon seeing my friends already well settled and enjoying their lives, besides it was a time for me to lost myself leading the life of teacher, which is my long time yearned dream.
Though it was of short duration. I was indeed very glad and satisfied being able to experience the life of teacher and this experiences urged me to be real and genuine teacher. I bet i will try. 

There is only one person behind making this possible in my lives, that is our principal sir. Sir, I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude for generously granting this golden opportunity to be part of Bjishong family and to serve and learn under your leadership. Thank You very much la, I really mean it sir. if there is other word beside just Thank you, i would have happily expressed to you la. 

I would also like to thank sir Choki Dorji, sir Chechey Dorji, Vice principal sir, sir Sonam phuntsho for encouraging and guiding me to embark on voyage toward teaching profession and of course all the staff for making the journey enjoyable, enriching and making my stay in Bjishong a marvellous one. 
I don't think i can ever forget my time with you guys in that marshy stench ground, where we had so much fun, smiling and laughing despite scorching sun heat or heavy showering. It is going to be my joyous time in Bjishong. 

If I have to highlight the positive impression from volunteering, it is gonna take me hours as it is numerous. in the interest of time, i will not go in to detail. But i want everyone to know that i really have benefited a lot in shaping myself to beget a better teacher in future.

Finally, may be few words to my friends. I know class ix and class viii 'A' would be very upset with me, because every time i entered their classes, i have scolded and frowned at them. So i begged you guys sorry and request to never keep in mind. It is never meant that way and it is not that i don't like you guys, i did it intentionally to make you all more attentive, interactive and hoping that you all would change into better being.
So then, please everyone work hard, try your best, grab every opportunities and never give a chance that would bring you regret later in lives, be attentive in class, don't sleep during the class hour and listen and respect what your teacher have to say. Make use of your intellectual teachers to make yourself a better student tomorrow. someone has said, "One day with a great teacher is better than thousand days of diligent study".
That is it from me, Thank You and have a nice day ahead. 


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