Legacy turns the past wheel

At the corner, it lays hanging;
Along the print portrait of legends;
Adding beauty to the very room.
Aside inhibitors of the house;
All the visitors go wow each time
Amazed and moved by the painting.

Oh! The painting on the orange wooden plank;
Gives good contrast with white washed wall;
No wonder why everyone could see at instant.

The painting of lotus grown from deep blue Ocean;
Rare flower from where Guru was born and blessed;
The sacred flower everyone sows faith and seizes peace.

I recalled that I learned to paint from mate;
The days when I was a little boy in grade four;
He was a talented and fabulous painting tutor.

Have I strict with him for little more effort
I would be more engross in spirituality
There is no reason I couldn’t be happier

Beyond him I have no painting teacher
Because of him I have something to gives
Behind the wall I have something to hang
Between breached souls I have present to console
Beside her, I can now stand and chat.

Bosom friends and beholders surrounds and chant my name
In ease I lay awake in the blue moon among myriad stars
With heart in hand to thank him, ‘Thank You Mr. Wangzin Dorji’


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