Unfinished tale of the prince and princess

Hello here and shake there
With big gentle smile on faces
They found themselves in cozy vintage car
Riding along the boulevard woodland trail
Lost with the tweeting music
Enjoying the adventurous sightseeing.
They reached the old castle
Glowing bright in the moonlight
Neither of them could recognised
For they were prince charming and the Cinderella
Inhabited the same golden castle once.

Prince Charming could vaguely recalled
The same trail rode to reach Cinderella
But nothing let them recognise each other
Without much word and chit exchanged
They parked at the castle front yard
Upon seeing the very imprint that read
“I envy you and look for in whole world”
Cinderella broke in to tear and whispered
“I loved it here” to the prince charming
Then ‘Thug’, there she goes flat and dead
Guards gathered for her rescue
She lay there in the same antique d├ęcor bed
She could readily sense the aura around
And finally realised she is right in her own room

Prince charming has no say
He has got everything he all wanted
He didn’t forget to thanks god for answering his quest
They were once again back in their castle
With same unwavering love and feeling
Bound with the same fate and future
They once again rejoice happy life together


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