Hand is paramount in deciding one's lives

Suffering and the obstacles that we come across in this life is, what we have done in the past life. Cherish those sad and unfortunate deeply from the core of heart as the price we are getting for the work that is done in the past. This good intention will purify,sanctify and minimises the bad sin oneself.

Our lives is the consequences of the past action and the deeds. Whatever we sow, so shall we reap and as same as this whatever we do, we are being rewarded. Lord Buddha has nicely said "In order to see what we have been doing in the past, look at the present life and to see where we will go in future we have to look at what we are doing now", it is also very relevant to student, if they are studying hard and doing good, they are given beautiful prices and if they top in BHSEC, they are given scholarship fully funded by government which is absolutely amusing and fantastic.

In this world there is no one who wants to suffer and have agony, everyone looks and seek the peace and happiness, everyone tries to ignore the pain even the speechless and witless animals. so to have peace and prosperous life, we need to think what we are doing before hand and analyse whether it is virtuous or non-virtuous.

I think i don't have to go further,,,, everyone knows that our life is solely in our own hand.


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