what is life????????

life,life,life,,,,,,,,what is a life?
My answer sheet is still blank
No matter how loud I shout 
The solution never reveals,,,
Rather there arises huge bar
Hindering upcoming answers.

Exhausted with contemplating 
Finding the true essence of life. 
Lord Buddha found in sixth year
Am dying now at a first stage

This is our life, life in the world of nothingness. we don't realize
life is just an emptiness, like we don't feel movement of earth
Alas!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what a life it is? 
When i can define my life????

There was echos in every valley;
Life is butter lamp in windy world
Uncertain of when to die;
May be when the oil has been finish;
May be coz of the thunder storm, 
But impeccably certain of death.

Well this is life, some says. 
But i wasn't satisfied yet
My answer sheet still left un-touch
What is life then,,,,,,,,,,,??
Nerve runs multiple times through spinal cord, 
Rain of tears rolls upon icy nose.

Huh!life is paradoxical drama 
Screened everyday in same theatre
In the theatre of nothingness 
Where characters perched majestically,
Drenched by the empty universe.

The life has got no foot to stand on its own
Everything is interconnected intricately
Nothing has it's own real image
There is no me neither I nor you.
Everything is supreme illusion
So is our fragile life,"emptiness",
Far beyond explanation and understanding.


ugyen wangchuk said…
beautiful bro....keep posting!!
Sangay Tenzing said…
thanks bro...i am learning.....

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