My journey from Bhutan to Australia, UNE,NSW, Armidale

Wake up! The time has come. The dreams has became reality and god has started answering. It can't be, has I gone insane or am i still on the cozy bed dreaming? Well everything is happening in reality. It is not in dream. Druk air is schedule at 11:30 am to Bangkok. I am flying, flying away from the home country, leaving behind everyone and everything else. I wasn't happy nor sad, I was in unexplainable state.

From left; Mani Kumar Sharma, Ugyen Wangchuk, Sangay Tenzin(me)
Paro International Airport, 12th July 2011
On the very day of 12th July, 2011, I found myself waking up before day break with red eyes and of course with brighter face. I wondered whole night about the departure and journey by flight. On the other hand I was really disturbed preoccupied with how far I can offer my humble services to government after returning. I didn't get proper sleep either.

Then for the first time I have waved my hands to Bhutan, my host country, where my parent and relatives leaves and I was glad to wave because I knew I am going abroad to get the better education and  bring back the enriching and stimulating gift of all to Bhutan.
When the clock ticks to eleven, I was at Paro International Airport, with me was brother Pema Tendar and Mr. kezang Dorji who drove me there. At that moment I was quite nervous, worried and sad on the other hand. I received lots of calls from parent and other relatives saying safe journey and have a great time. my mom even cried on the phone when I told her that I won't be back until three years. I also couldn't hold back the mixed tears of sad and happy. It also so happened that before the check in, I was filling up my details and there was woman police officer, seeing me writing the farmers at the parent's occupation she was consoling me and was expressing her proud, at that time too, tears rolled upon my nose and I couldn't see her face properly, it became so blurred.
When it was 11:30 am, I waved my last wave to brother and I left him for the check-in and started embarking the plane with the Guru mantra still chanting inside. I was too scared as well, exactly at 11:50 sharp aero-plane engine started and air hostess began explaining about personal safety and necessary precaution and after ten minutes later, we started moving, captain maneuvering through the run way and roared and soared high up in the sky. The moment the flight roared I felt I was flying in the unknown destination in the dream. I was frighten hell out of me during the take off and landing. Once we are high, it was alright unless, there is storm and thick clouds we get a feeling that we are taking  rough country road. However, in the plane it was like a hotel, they served refreshment and lunch. But the sad thing is the lunch was not usual as I was accustomed to. I had tough time with the meal along the way. I reached final destination with red eyes and  gone pretty weak. I had grown very feeble and perishable, a child could have knocked me down with his punch, with  all these improper sleep and food. It was 5 days and 4 night journey from Bhutan to Armidale, one of the longest flight in my life.
To outline the itinerary, we flied from Paro to Bagdora,shelgure, India and to Bangkok, Thiland by Druk Air flight. We hold the night at Bangkok apartment hotel. We also got little time to hang out in main shopping complex, the famous MBK centre,  the next day morning. It was the cracking of cocoon, from that day on, everyday was a new life for me. By afternoon we flied to Indonesia by Gakata Garuda and arrived there in the evening. After half an hour, we left to Sydney, Australia in the same flight. We reached Sydney in the morning around 9:30 am and we were supposed to reach Armidale in the afternoon. But as the town being so advanced and complicating, and to make situation worse it was my first time exposing abroad, we couldn't report to the domestic terminal on time and we missed the plane. However, luck favoured us that day, we went to information desk and fortunately the woman at the counter adjusted us in the next flight. So at 4:20 pm, we arrived at Armidale, where we were received by Mr.Kezang Sherab and BSA president Mr. Pema and a lady driver supposed to be from Japan, the representative from international office, UNE. They dropped us to the wright village and ushered us the exact room  where we should be staying rest of the time. In the evening that day, they gave us the Bhutanese dinner, where I savoured two plates of rice as if I was lost in the jungle for a week without food and shelter. I felt very complacent and had a great good night sleep to wakeup only late afternoon next day.


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