Abrupt indecisive rough road flight and the time of being animal

Tuesday 02/09/2014

Embarked at 10:50 am, the Regional express carrier carries about 30 passengers  aggregate. Today there were about 10 passengers on board. We were being greeted by smily captain and a hostess as we trudged in to this small compact compartment. We followed hostess through the aisle  as she lead us to right seat, then she start explaining the safety precaution tips with her usual Australian accent,, where I use to get only half of it,, but this time I got almost all.. well then I was glad and thought would be nice and adventurous trip. However, the day was little dummy. There was bit of showering and it was stormy and covered with thick cumulus. Jigme starts his day as normal with the saying" I don't wanna go" I have to scold him for this,,, I hear him saying everyday when we are about to leave somewhere,, I believe this would bring us the bad fortune.... I also checkout the zakar in the phone and found not a good day to travel.. anyway nobody in Australia believe in such thing called horescope and so do I. Yet I never used to leave house without making little prayer while I make a long important journey. 

In fact, we don't have to go all the way to Sydney squandering the little pocket we made sweating in the farm only to meet the arrogant and rude asian black lady at the counter of immigration and border protection office. We knew we won't get the visa whatsoever, because we let the existing student visa expired. 
The fact is, we thought we would apply at the last hour thinking we would get extra days but you see thing never work as we plan. We lost the best looking for good one. It is true that we should never forget the tree whiling enjoying the lush forest.

It was one of my biggest blunder in life. It should have made lot differences if I could have cut off that blunder. Anyway I am pretty sure it would serve a great lesson for my folks in Australia and for that  I have no guilt. 

By then, after we reported the thing, we were summoned immediately to immigration and boarder protection office in Sydney. They told us in the call that we can't stay there even a second without Visa, we are now a illegal citizen, we will be punished for trespassing and breaking the laws. The news were a heavy stuck on the head, it sounded like butcher ready to struck his sharp knife on our neck. We were speechless like a animal, this was the time where I became the animal. I don't think nor speak. I am a real animal.

It was abrupt indecisive resolution we have made at that hour. I was reluctant to report in person, I knew what they would do for us. We would get a sweet candy each.  However, neither of us can ignore it, after bit of altercation with Jigme, we found inside the compact Regional Express Carrier with both in tears on such a bad weathered day.
Along the way, the day grew bitter, the day wasn't favouring us at all. He seem pretty upset, he didn't want us to take there, farther we fly the rougher it grows. As I turned to Jigme and looked through the specs in to  his eyes, it was completely shut as if never going to open again in life, he also moans as the plane dances so hard as if the last dance. On the other hand, seeing him, I burst in to laugher and we broke in to bicker. We went on until a lady passenger adjacent to us stared us with her huge circled eyes with book in hand. But Jigme groans as and when plane descent. About one hour and forty five minutes of such terrible flight, we landed at Sydney domestic airport. God! Jigme should have thought that we are never landing

As we expected, upon reaching there, we got sweet ever, but can never in life swallow down the throat, the scold from asian lady at the counter. Being turned in to animal, two of us couldn't move our limb, we were tightly tied to pole. We were not supposed to even breath. Well the animal can also recognise who else can feed them, we approached the another woman who was a real Aussie this time, she speaks gently and she was gorgeous. She told us the procedures we should be doing and she referred us to compliance section, in there we were briefed and granted two weeks of bridging visas. The visa that does not allow to work or study but to make acceptable arrangement to depart Australia. The saddest news, I couldn't believe what is coming. I wasn't ready at all and I never thought it would end this way. I requested to grant us till 25th October, which would be just a month long, to attend the biggest, 'My Graduation Day'. but it was never meant to be, so we have to make a flight back to Armidale next day, not in Regional Express Carrier of course but in Quantus flight. Flight by Quantus is little expensive but it won't take the rough road, it won't scare hell out of Jigme, however less adventure for me.


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