What my king means to me?

This article was written in 2010 when I was in 12th grade, Baylling HSS, Trashi Yangtse. My only article that got published in Kuensel news paper in my school life. However, I did benign edition on some grammatical errors and on the flow of ideas

His Majesty the 5th Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck is the authentic emblem of altruism, benevolence, energetic, role model, visionary and exemplary leadership. The peace and harmony, prosperity  and steadiness in the kingdom are all fruition of His Majesty's sacrifices and hard work.

Specially, for the people of Bhutan, His Majesty's Birth Day celebration is one of paramount national event as this occasion allow us to re-confirm our faith and loyalty to his leadership, besides a nation's opportunity to come together and pledge unwavering loyalty and dedication to the Tsa-Wa- Sum, and to pray for long and prosperous life of our beloved king.  Further, this event marked the symbol of our collective future and the continuity of the country's profound sovereignty.
With this note, I take this very privilege on the auspicious occasion of the 30th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty to let our citizen realise, re-unit and rededicate their commitment to government after going through this article about our king.
His Majesty the king renders his services and give care and guidance to the people toward achieving eternal peace, harmony and prosperity like that of a father working selflessly for the welfare of his family. Indeed, our king is the actual parent for the people of Bhutan. During the coronation ceremony on 7th November, 2008, His Majesty said. "I will protect you as a parent, care you as a brother and serve you as a son". He proved to be a truly the people's king.
Even during the perilous crisis, His Majesty intervenes and tackles the problem peacefully at the cost of his own life. He risk everything for the people. This is who our king is. He is truly selfless unique and exemplary leader to the world at large.
In Eastern Bhutan, when people were moaning and groaning the great agony of destitute and tragic demise through natural disaster, such as earthquake and fire, His Majesty without paying attention to any challenges and obstacles he would face on the way, made visits to every affected nook and crannies and met up with the victim individually. He provided help to needy victims and removed their only sorrows. Thats why our king is so benevolent and perhaps the only source of aspiration for people.
Therefore, to me our king is the parasol which protects us from devastations, deluding and grant us shade of peace, serenity and calmness within. In addition, His Majesty is the ultimate source of inspiration, a compassionate parent,uniquely exemplary leader, people's monarch and only radiant sun eliminating cold and granting warmth to Earth.

(Additional piece)
His Majesty also fostered thousands of indigent and needy students as Gyalpoi Tozey and they were granted necessary care and guidance and opened their eyes to the world. His Majesty is the parent to those vulnerable children and they never felt they are poor, backward and ostracised member of the society. Today there can be seen quite a number of Gyalpoi Tozey's graduated with impressive degrees in varies field: civil engineering, information technology, business administrative to name a few. The elderly citizen, those without anyone to care them and those they are homeless, His Majesty provide them with food, shelter and he take good care of them as his own sons and daughters.
With the ongoing Land Kidu processes, His Majesty also liberates hundred and thousand of landless people. The need of some people to work under landlord and get only quater of his hardship and dependency of someone for a meal is all eradicated. He don't have to beg for his share nor have to see scowled landlord. Neither he have to work empty stomach any more. This is who he is, our King, the parents of all.
Similarly, His Majesty also grant audience to everyone who embark for new phase of live and blessed them with wisdoms and share his concerned assuring great courage and confident, ultimately enabling students make smooth and laminar flow of their new dawn and a new day. I recalled in 2010, during the Royal audience for the scholarship students at Lingkana Palace, His Majesty the fifth King advices; "It is who you are and not what you appear to be that is important", "You are not expected to know the answers to all the questions. What is more important is your willingness to learn". He also said "You were the most precious future leader, be productive" We were enlightened and felt very proud and we felt fortunate to have such marvellous king in our Country. Once in abroad, I happened to share this news with the mates, they were amazed, because they never get to see their king. They have never heard of such king in the world and I am one of the privileged folk among them.

Actually we are supposed to recollect all the good work His Majesty have done on such auspicious occasion, but as it is innumerable, can't really recall all. However, the catch at the end of the day is to remember His Majesty and his infinite work for Bhutan and thank him and dedicate for his prosperous long and sound life ahead. 

Lastly,but never the least, I along with my parent and siblings from Lauri, Samdrup Jongkhar, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt good will and good wishes to both 4th and 5th king. We wish "Very Happy 35th Birth Anniversary to fifth king and very happy 60th birth anniversary to fourth  Majesty" May you live longer than a main stream and walk in to sound health and prosperity, May everyone follow your successful step, May you shine us with warmth and perpetual ecstasy and May you always be the ultimate source of light for the Bhutan". I also take this privilege to re-confirm and dedicate all my services to the welfare of His Majesty the Fifth King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk and offer my unwavering loyalty to Tsa-wa-sum. 


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