Can you claim it as a legal?

Even though you are not breaking-ins to someone's house nor trespassing other's territory, but you are absolutely hacking into someone's classified profile. Would you do that if it was addressed to someone titled Dasho Tenzin or Aum Sangay, Would you dare to open their mail? I am afraid, you won't. 
What interest you to read other's mail? why should you know about other? what are you looking for?Is that what you wanted to do in your life?  It won't make you knowledgable, you know what, you are a butcher. You dig-in what someone is up to and kills them airing their personal information. Which means you are also a thief, who steal cattle from the barn of indigent farmer. Theft is bigger crime, you know that, and you should be punished accordingly. 

When I was been delivered mail in such a condition, I was left flustered, I don't recall thanking him. I mean what will you think if you get your important mail being all opened and read and promulgated. Will you be okay with that? absolutely not, right? If it was a commodities, we can no longer used after the seal has broken, it means it is expired then.
However, fortunately, he wasn't a postman, if he was a mailman I wouldn't let him go without a proper explanation. I was really cranky that moment. 

I also recalled one time in school I got a letter from a parent with all been opened and exposed as usual, the teachers would have expected love letter. Whatever, it is not a good trend, who have granted the permission to do that. We need to change such doing, such custom. I have never seen such a misuse of their right in abroad. If the mails are not delivered, the postman would take back to post office and keep for collection by concerned person. If something happens to parcel and mail, the postman is responsible. Can we have such a specified postman too Or every mail should be titled Dasho. Then only I can feel free to post parcel or mail. I don't want my mail to go hand to hand and read by everyone on hand. That's really weird system we have, and can we claim it as legal where it is illegal in abroad? Why would there be different rules for same thing? 


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