Long Halt for a next Coaster Bus

It was a bumpy, tiresome and tedious journey by this old ramshackle bus. It roared through perilous tortuous mountain along the rugged and hard frosted narrow road and then in to deep woods. We ascend as much as we descend down the stream crossing numerous bridges and lush green valleys. As we rode along, we get glimpses of various landforms, the variety of blossoming flowers and the ranges of mountains all covered with forest and snow. We also get clear exquisite red sun set view as we rode less frequently along the smooth and peace highway. 
And finally we were dropped at the junction where this bus depart to another city. To reach this far, it took us this many years and struggles: for the sake of reaching here, we didn't have even a second of sleep or the moment of peace of mind in the bus. The thought of tipping off the road, kept us terrified and awaken throughout the trip. 
Despite all these pain, look at now, we will have to wait in here until next coaster bus comes.  But how long? for an hour, for a day or for a year or even forever, we don't know. We can only do is wait optimistically.  
Even if the bus comes, do they have enough seat for us?  If just few seat available, who else is going? would the driver take me in? Should I walk? Or what can I do now?
You see everything comes to rest amidst the smooth flowing and there is no exception for me as well. Now my life has come to stand point and it is quite uncertain when it is gonna resume the processing. To get back on track, there need to accomplish certain norms; we will have to cross one or two more rivers, have to refill the gas and we will have to put up the bus for the maintenance. Then only it is probable that we could safely see the destination. But when would the bus reach and how long do I have to endure to wait passionately. It is a shame when someone passes by and waiting there for day and night itself is a weird as if you have got no home. They look upon you as a homeless street orphan. 
How do you feel, when you come across your friends all been settled, have secured job and leading happy life? Wouldn't you be jealous and be like one of them? It is obvious we all like to have job to get settle in life and then look in to other direction, because by then it would be more convenient in term of finance, the skills and experiences.  Having no job at the first hand, you can't walk boldly among the fellowmen neither you can look ahead of them. We always have to follow them and set foot after them, which is not what I feel is appropriate for me. I would like to venture through new trail and set the new thing in motion. But sadly for now, I will have to keep waiting, even though, to tell you the truth, it is killing me and it is as if letting dog gnaw my life profusely. 


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