Brief Voyage toward Teaching Profession

The precious time were extravagantly regarded and been most idealistic and found frittering away the only life. 'Time is the stuff that made up the life and I should never spendthrift the time' such intrigued thought rushes innumerably down the spinal cord and made me terrible insomniac almost every single night. The staffs whom I usually hang out-with, heeds out to school as and when the bell calls, leaving me solitary and ostracised. Even seeing my mates updating there workplace saying 'Placed or transfer to this and that' and writing status like "My first day in office" in Facebook triggers me to do something that would keep me engage and entertain. The aphorism "Graduated yesterday, stop learning today and become illiterate tomorrow" also threatened me that I might probably forget all the stuffs that were learned in the university and would become illiterate peasant if I don't befriended with books. Then I pulled up myself all together and lend a little time to think straight. 'Life is very uncertain for us to gaze upon future sky and lost counting myriad of stars that would appear tomorrow and the next day and then the next. Tomorrow comes and goes un-notice, we would still say there is tomorrow waiting for us. There is no next day and plausibly wise to live now than later. Right time is befalling my way, "Time to pay debt". Government have done this much and made me who I am now. There won't be any chance tomorrow. 'Opportunity knocks only once', Grab it when it unfold before you.'

It felt like I have just got out from "River of Oblivion" fresh and clear of any ambiguities. The strangely compelling feeling of missing Australia and surfing the net whole day to get visa would have all gone. New man will born in Bjishong Autonomous Central School. I am Volunteering for them. Prior to discussing with my brother over a supper, I jotted down the merits and demerits in the little mental slate I have and found pious weighed more than the disadvantages. Over the next few days brother had by then talked with principal sir.

Having to go to coventry frequently, the generous time to think about the wastage of life and the nostalgia of Australia would shattered down when principal summoned me to his office on 9th March. "Can I come in Sir". He turned towards and winked through his specs. I entered his office ardently and we introduce ourselves a bit. Then we had  a chat about the school and about my interest in teaching. After some time when we ran out of topic, he told me I could join from next day. "For sure and Thanks very much for the opportunity".
Next day on 10th March, at 8:30 sharp I was found standing before students in the assembly. Teacher on duty welcomed me with such a praiseful words, "We welcome Sir Sangay Tenzin to Bjishong family, we are glad to have you, we don't have enough science teacher so it is great pleasure to have one more". I was waiting impatiently for 'Please come and introduce yourself'. I was mentally prepared to face the crowd and thanks principal sir in the gathering along with some pledges to the school. However, there was never a chance, first period would be running out which the school can't risk it for me.
Right after the assembly, I became the centre of eyes, all the staffs approached me and shook hand and congratulated. "You should get certificate from school, recommendation letter from each staffs and if possible get a letter or a sign from the Gewog, I have seen doing that long ago in other school" Lopen Dorji, PGDE Dzonkha teacher, motivated and encouraged me. At this very moment, I realised I am not at the wrong side of my life. I have made a profound leap toward my career. I am wearing a branded new shoe before hand and having a pre-in-service celebration. However, to my utter surprise the celebration would includes relatives and family members ringing and hears only like "Who in the world would work without the pay, after studying this big" with such disparaging tone and I hated answering and convincing them. It is always difficult to make illiterate understandable. They would never realised that I have set in motion the wonderful example.

First few days were meant to be observation week. It would give me time to get used to with the school rules and the teaching pedagogies this school emphasis. It also will give me opportunity to familiarise with the students and the faculties. I also got some time to learn the teaching skills as I had privilege to attend the classes by the regular teacher. I was wildly enthusiast to get in and teach and experience how it is to be with them and to know what are the roles it required. After two days later, in the 4th period, I went to class ix 'A' as a physics substitute for Sir Chechy Dorji and so there I embarked journeying towards my life long yearned career and dream job. "The voyage of teaching". As every teacher normally kick off the class with introduction, I begun the class with formal introduction intended to familiarise ourselves and they get used to with my speaking as well.
It seems class ix students were with me but class viii seems they are not catching up with me. 'There needed something to do about it, I can't spend my energy for nothing'. Asking their feedback came to my mind first and even got chance to thoroughly scrutinise their notebook.
     Feedback from Class VIII 'A'
It was astounding to know that majority of the students wanted slow speaking and explanation in dzongkha and didn't want my joining word and it made complete sense, because they have copied the note incorrectly with lot of spelling mistakes and I have to even write their homework which was either left blank or scribble what comes to their mind, not to the point though.
That was little awkward superficially, but ironically it gave me huge deal, to sail far depth and it served as my stepping stone for how a teacher should be. I envisaged that it would make me a genuine teacher.
From the next day, I started putting more effort. I looked for every possible means to inscribe the knowledge in their head. I also breakdown every new and big words to their level and I wanted to make them that they miss my teaching once I am gone or recalled me when they get in to their higher classes like, "Oh I know that answer, Sir Sangay taught us". I even made myself reachable, they can approach me if they have unclear doubt and if they wanted to leave themselves unequivocal anytime. I have always advised them to work hard. "We need to get through thousand competitors to be in top and to revive and survive in this world. There is no room for those who does not strive to make cornerstone for our own house in this society. Burn your midnight oil".

A months later, as anticipated I am sailing far North toward the light of success. I Have successfully completed teaching one chapter for class Viii A on "Classifying Materials", which is of course the hardest chapter for them. This chapter walks through atomic structure, electronic configuration, valency, radicals, writing chemical formulae, writing and balancing the chemical equations to highlight few. Yet despite this notion, I was quite complacent not to brim though. It was found at the end of the chapter, most of students were able to demonstrate and even convinced me that they understood the objectives of this chapter.
As mentioned earlier, teaching is my passion and a dream profession. I have always liked it and I will perpetually. I don't comprehend why the family members and relatives does not want me to do what interest me. How can I lived up to them? when can I be free from their expectation cage? I wonders and I hope they understand me later. The presumptuous explanation for their hindrance on accepting me as a teacher is that the teaching job were already stereotyped as the lowest class profession by the Bhutanese society. Everyone look down upon teaching as the least respected and the last option for all the job seekers. With this regard, I think our society is on the wrong land. I immensely feels that education sectors should amend and affixed this issue and make the room for the genius, the teacher which I like to called them as the 'Nation Builder' in the populace like in other western countries. The Teaching in the west is highly respected and saluted profession. (As per the blue print book 2014-2024, I think education ministry would break through this misconception - my hopeful expectation!)
The controversial and the critics of lower quality education in Bhutan would be also silence if the teachers were regarded professionally as well as environmentally. To teach is not as simple as we think, it needs more learning than to teach. The teacher have to choice the speech and make a move carefully as they were eyed down by thousand innocent and bright kids who are ever ready to accept and learn. Teachers can't afford to teach their child unwholesome education. Teacher plays a vital role in moulding and bringing up the child. Teachers are the only parents by virtue that students can share their problems, their happiness, their fooding, learn and live together. But why society can't see this? why teachers are not regarded by education ministry? I think teachers deserve more than what is rendered now: the salary, respect, better working environment like individual office, more house rent and so forth. I am also seeing that Teachers are also only one who put his soul and energy for the students. They work tirelessly every day, whole week, some even during the weekend guiding and directing students toward the brighter track. Teacher aids the students to take a right path academically and wholesomely and ultimately building the great nation. I am sure the teachers are not obsessed with the material world and money, they are the enlightened being who knew the purpose and the semantics of life. Only few can become a real teacher.(As per the blue print book 2014-2024, I think education ministry would break through this misconception - my hopeful expectation!)


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