Ticking of the old wall clock

Tick, tick goes steadily and tirelessly throughout day and night. Voyages flipping every page through the universe with constant velocity. Indeed never dare to look back and wave goodbye nor sing adieu song, because he knows he will fall leaning backward. He is neither in hurry nor dawdle yet determine to venture through labyrinth bewildered world and leave a footprint yet not traceable. However, he went afar, a million away from our sight, still his displacement is always absolute zero. No doubt why he keep his steadiness, He is sailing under the stewardship of lord "Hour". He maneuver in to shallow and deep ocean as lord commands. He has no courage and strength to defy his lord, he serve to thrive and breath.

We are the true follower that we can't even skip him. We worship him everywhere and anywhere we come across. He is the absolute lord of our game. The game we are intertwined with and of course the game we can't afford to loss for we have to sustain and survive. If we happens to take it easy and relax back a bit, we will be already late for the next sun bath and we will have totally different colour in our lives.  In this 21st century, to keep ourselves domiciled and breathing among other we need to hustle up with this bustling pace of world as only early bird catches the worm. Everyone especially in the west tries to catch and challenge the power, however they couldn't override him even once. His power is so heavy that nobody could claim or dare to look upon him. He really is a giant captain of our game.

Well this is not what I intend to talk about, everybody knows how precious is our time. Time is the better part of our life, wasting time would mean frittering away of our lives. So everyone is well aware how to manage time in fruitful manner to live meaningfully. If you are still with me, I am here to take you to the time where I fall back in bed. Sleeping in the sitting room with the clock on wall last night took me back live to the time where I had to tune my heart beat with the ticking of wall clock hung in my confined room. I was in 8th grade MinjiWoong LSS when this happened. It was usual Sunday evening and the ground was bit wet and soak with the little shower that happened hour ago and we were found playing soccer in that ground. After a minute or so, I was thrown with a thud on the ground after stepping on the stagnant pond and got up by friends with right hand dislocated at wrist. While my friend Sonam Dorji, bunkmate and bosom friend, reaching me to my room, luckily we run into ata Tashi. He was cook by profession and he treat patient with dislocation and other joint or hinge pain as part time job. He was on his way to shop and he generously fixed my wrist and I thought that was it, just a little pain you get while you are being scratched. I was wrong, after few hours my forearm started swelling and begun to feel excruciating agony minute by minute heavy and ultimately lead in to tears. I recalled I kept my sobbing shunt and low yet within the duck of blanket so that I don't bother roommates nor disturb their sound sleep. I couldn't move my hand at all, it was so painful that keep me whole night awake. Everyone was enjoying their sound sleep and it was quiet and calm, only I hear was this ticking of the wall clock and a faint dog crying from distant village. The light was still turn on and I was preoccupied with such notions that, "I should not have gone to play, in that room one student died, in there it is said there is a ghost without head, he comes looking for head, and so on". Even next day, I hear is the only sound of clock ticking, everybody is gone to school. I was really upset and dispirited. I had miss few days of classes and i had to struggle to catch up with the rest of the class. During that time, my friend Sonam, he has to feed me  and dressed me like a mom caring her child. He was only the great friend of mine that time and I like to thank him if he happens to catch me in here. Thank you very much and I am sorry we couldn't keep in touch like we used to once. Please contact me and claim your gift, remember before I depart abroad, you asked for $5, it awaits your collection and I mean it, lol.
However, I can't sleep anymore under the sound of ticking of this old wall clock, it is keeping me awake and drag me back to time of suffering. It was worth first night anyway, as it evoke my past and ushered me to thank my fellows and aid me to keep them in my heart but not again. I need to have sound sleep, the clock won't tick tonight, I got courage to defy him (battery flat, not going to replace it) and I will take as privilege to sail alone by moonlight and enjoy the calmness and freshen up with cool ocean breeze. I will command my own boat from now on. 


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